Mini Cooper 1.6 6 speed manual
Registration Year: 2007 (07)
Mileage: 100500
Colours: Metallic Lightning Blue, white stripes, white roof and full black sports leather
Damage: Car has some warning lights to do with ABS and traction control coming up on the dash some times so we have decided to sell the car as it is as SPARES OR REPAIRS and a very low price. Still drives fine but will require attention
Notes: Huge spec. car with aircon, 17 inch light alloy John Cooper Alloys, full service history with John Cooper in Scotland, multi-function leather steering wheel. Recent aircon. radiator, all front suspension bushes, discs and pads. Totally original with both sets of keys. Has been our own car for about 3 years but now has ABS and traction control warning lights coming up occassionally so is being sold as it is
Price: £975

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